Zebra Alternating Lamination Ribbon 800015-031

Zebra Alternating Lamination Ribbon 800015-031

Vendor: zebra Item#: 800015-031

Genuine Zebra Alternating Lamination 800015-031 Laminatingyour organizations ID cards provides them with an extra layer of security andgiving them more durability while keeping them more secure. Zebra 800015-031 laminatealternates a full patch laminate on one side of the card with a half patch onthe other side of the card. Ideal for ID cards with magnetic stripe.

A Zebra printer with lamination capability is required inorder to laminate your ID cards.

Thickness: 1 mil

Prints 100 cards

Compatible with the following Zebra lamination printers:Zebra P500, P520i and the P520 printer series.