Badge Accessories

To get the most out of ID cards and badges—and use them effectively, securely and conveniently—having the right accessories is a must.

The most common and useful accessories are lanyards, retractable badge reels, badge holders, and strap clips.

All of these important badge accessories can be customized, which helps promote an organization’s products or services and enhances/reinforces brand image.

Lanyards are the most popular, most convenient and quickest way to display badges. They also enhance the organization’s image and make a great first impression—especially when customized with logos, designs, or other pertinent information (in a full range of colors.
Retractable badge reels attach badges to clothing for easy access, and a quick reveal, swipe or pass as needed.
Badge holders are the go-to accessory to durably protect and display badges and attach them to clothing or to a lanyard, reel or clip.
Strap clips offer visitors the simplest most inexpensive way to attach their badges directly to their clothing.