Comprehensive security solutions for K-12 schools, colleges, and universities in New York

Idesco offers comprehensive solutions to help you keep your students, staff and visitors safe and secure at all times.

School security is more than just your emergency plan. It combines a proven solution that covers students, teachers, administrators, staff, and visitors with a site-specific security system.

Cover all of your buildings with top-rated security systems

Whether you have a single building or several buildings across a campus, you need a security solution that integrates the following features:

  • Access control. Don't let just anyone walk through your front doors. Secure access controls in place keep unwanted visitors out while allowing students, faculty, and others to feel safe to focus on learning and teaching.
  • Video surveillance. Controlling cameras through secure network connections allows you to have eyes where and when you need them without adding extra security personnel on the ground.
  • Visitor management. Cutting edge visitor management systems help you screen out those who shouldn't be invited in and reduces the time to process authorized visitors to allow them access to your buildings.
  • ID badging and cards. ID cards and badges let you know at a glance who belongs and who doesn't. Beyond visual identification, ID cards can hold pertinent information or even allow time tracking, attendance, and payment technologies.

Get a customized solution for your school's security needs

Meet with a security specialist who will help you map out a security layout for each of your buildings. You get a secure web of access control and video surveillance for all buildings that is managed by a central control station. This helps you optimize your security staff while still maintaining a secure environment across all locations.

Trust what customers from major K-12 schools, colleges, and universities in New York say about Idesco

You can talk to NYU, Pace University, School of Visual Arts, Amityville, and more to see how Idesco protects their students, faculty, visitors, administrators, and others.

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