Visitor Software

We offer a variety of industry-leading visitor-management software products well designed to support and streamline your visitor-control and security ID programming and practices.

Growing security concerns at schools, businesses, medical facilities, and institutions across the country now make visitor-management software a key asset in efficiently ensuring the safety and security of all persons entering a controlled space—visitors, volunteers, employees, and vendors suppliers—while conforming to security policy and standards.

Regardless of your facility type— financial, commercial, governmental, educational, meeting/convention, etc.—scalable visitor-management software gives you convenient, speedy visitor registration and data control. It’s the quickest and most reliable way to register, badge and track visitors.

Enhance your facility control and implement a comprehensive lobby security solution today.

EIOBoard Visitor Management Kiosk
Brand: Savance
In-line background checking against sex offender list
Brand: Savance
PassagePoint Global Client License
Brand: stopware
Item# PPG
PassagePoint EDU License
Brand: stopware
Item# E-EDU
PassagePoint v13 Express - Client License
Brand: stopware
Item# PL45-1