Offering expert, professional security solutions for enterprises in New York

Security is always a concern for enterprises, organizations, and others, but it doesn't have to be a consuming worry. You need a security solution that is all-encompassing, one that lets you minimize security risks, keeping everyone safe, while working seamlessly to enhance your site operations.

Trust a proven leader

You get demonstrated expertise with Idesco's integrated security solutions. You can rely on our 70+ years of excellence and experience to design and manage a top tier security solution that meets or exceeds your needs. Every solution is tailored to your specific industry and site-specific requirements using best-in-class security technologies.

Backed by 24/7 certified service team

Certified professionals area available around the clock to keep your system up and running. You get the comfort knowing that your security solution is backed by certified experts dedicated to making sure everyone in your facilities is safe at all times of the day or night.

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Idesco offers comprehensive solutions to help you keep your students, staff and visitors safe and secure at all times.

Property Management

Secure your property with durable and reliable ID access control, ID badging, and video surveillance solutions.


Keep your local, State or federal property safe and secure at all times with an Idesco security system.


Protect your employees, customers, assets, and branches with Idesco's complete security solutions.

Event Management

Secure your event venue with durable and reliable ID badging for staff, presenters, talent, and visitors.