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Our ID experts will design the perfect solution for you, whether you need a few basic ID cards or thousands of secure access control badges. Over the last 7 decades, Idesco has provided secure ID badging solutions to organizations of all sizes and industries, including Fortune 500 companies, small and medium businesses, K-12 schools, colleges and universities, healthcare facilities, government offices and event venues.



Oversized photo ID badges

Enhance security with oversized photo ID badges. Idesco carries ID card printers that allow you to personalize oversized ID cards on demand. Oversized photo IDs let you visually scan a crowd and identify at a glance who has proper credentials and access rights. Easy to authenticate, durable and highly secure, your ID badges will definitely make a lasting impression.

IDcard printers

Education Photo ID Systems

Student ID Card Systems for Schools, Colleges, Universities


Develop new insights, expand your knowledge, and learn more on how to build a successful ID card program. Our experts have put together a series of whitepapers to help you make the most out of your ID investment.

Whitepaper: Secure ID cards for the Healthcare Industry

A well-thought-out healthcare ID card solution helps you answer each of the above. When everyone in your facility wears an ID badge, you know instantly and at a glance who belongs and who doesn’t.

Whitepaper: Your Guide to Visitor Management

Are you still using the old-fashioned paper log to track your visitors and issuing adhesive "Hello, my name is..." badges to guests? First impressions are everything. Make your company’s first impression professional with an innovative, electronic visitor management system.

Whitepaper: How to Choose an Oversized ID Card Printer

From hosting a conference to inviting your clients to a golf outing, companies use events to get their brand front and foremost. Corporate events are a great tool to build unique relationships with your customers while making a lasting impression on them.