Property Management

Securing people, property, and assets with property management security solutions in New York

Secure your property with durable and reliable ID access control, ID badging, and video surveillance solutions.

Minimize your property risks with a property management security solution that covers your building, commercial tenants, and their employees, visitors, and others. Turn building security and management into a streamlined process with the latest security technology for the highest levels of protection.

Cover your property with an integrated security solution

Enhance your property management capabilities with a customized solution that uses a variety of technologies to ensure you're completely covered.

  • ID badges and cards. Provide visual identification through cards and badges, and use advanced technology to further control access.
  • Visitor management. If your property receives visitors regularly, a cutting edge visitor management system can streamline check-in and help you track where your visitors are.

Your security system is tailored to your property's specific needs.

Do you need perimeter control? You might need to detect vandalism, intrusion, or abandoned objects. Whatever your property management security needs, you can get a customized solution from Idesco that covers everything.

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Learn why properties and major buildings like 250 Park Avenue, Madison Square Garden, the Yankees Stadium, and more are choosing Idesco for their property management needs.