Healthcare Solutions

Providing advanced ID solutions to protect both patients and healthcare professionals

The Hippocratic Oath clearly states to do no harm when practicing medicine. Yet, hospitals and healthcare organizations regularly confront high risk scenarios from unauthorized personnel gaining access to restricted areas.

Healthcare organizations can take charge of their own safety by implementing a comprehensive photo identification system.

Beyond just security, a fully functional and integrated identification card system allows healthcare operations to continued unimpeded and at the pace necessary to meet patients needs. With Idesco ID solutions, you’ll be able to choose the identification system that’s right for you including:

  • ID Card Printers. Choose from a variety of printers to meet your healthcare organization’s needs to include single or dual sided printers with the capacity to print security features such as watermarks and speciality ribbons which make counterfeiting extremely difficult.
  • High Quality ID Badges and Cards. Issue visual identification that is resistant to tamper and forgery with a range of ID security solutions and technologies.
  • HID Proximity Cards. Include card proximity features in order to ensure only authorized personnel or guests are in restricted zones.
  • TopProx Proximity Cards. The fastest way to get your programmed proximity cards, Idesco will program all TopProx cards onsite and ship within 2 business days.
  • ID Card Software & Badge Accessories: Choose from a wide range of ID software solutions and badge accessories to ensure you have everything you need to keep your healthcare organization operating with max efficiency and security.

Customize your identification card solution to meet your specific healthcare organization’s needs.

Idesco professionals stand ready to listen to your needs and help guide you to the solution that is right for you. Our experienced service team understands what is at stake when it comes to healthcare safety and patient’s needs. With the experience of serving multiple healthcare organizations, Idesco can help you find the ideal solution for your health care organization.

Healthcare organizations from sea to shining sea trust Idesco with the identification needs of their patients, staff, and visitors. 

Healthcare Solutions
Whitepaper: Secure ID cards for the Healthcare Industry

Whitepaper: Secure ID cards for the Healthcare Industry

ID cards increase your healthcare organization’s security by properly identifying doctors, nurses, staff, visitors, patients, vendors, contractors, and more. They can also help you streamline operations. In today’s uncertain healthcare environment, providers are searching for answers to a few questions:

  • How can we increase security and safety?
  • How can we leverage advanced technology?
  • How can we automate operations for better efficiency and convenience?

A well-thought-out healthcare ID card solution helps you answer each of the above. When everyone in your facility wears an ID badge, you know instantly and at a glance who belongs and who doesn’t. Use ID cards to visually distinguish medical professionals and staff from patients and visitors.

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