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Idesco Corp. has been providing integrated security solutions to the most prestigious organizations for over 7 decades. Our expertise and wide array of security products include access control systems, video surveillance, ID badging solutions, turnstiles, biometrics and visitor management. We also offer managed services for organizations that do not have the resources to dedicate an individual to the oversight of an access control or video surveillance system.

Our top-notch security professionals and customer service team will exceed your expectations by delivering outstanding service and support.Idesco offers a series of informative seminars and training sessions throughout the year at our spacious state-of-the-art showroom located in the heart of New York City. Major television networks, large municipalities and prestigious universities depend on Idesco to protect them.

Our goal is keeping your company, your employees and your visitors safe and secure.

Idesco History

Idesco Corp. was incorporated in 1943 in New York as a manufacturer of identification credentials and safety tags.  With its own design staff, printing presses, and lamination equipment Idesco succeeded in winning large corporate and governmental contracts, and grew this early businessinto a worldwide distribution network.

With the advent of the PVC card and their associated printers, Idesco moved quickly to upgrade its offerings.  This ready adoption of new and better technology enabled Idesco to not merely maintain its market presence, but to expand it. Idesco is now one of the largest suppliers of identification systems, equipment, and materials in the U.S.

Idesco's reputation for quality and service in the ID market led naturally to its broad customer base asking for solutions to related problems.  By adding experienced personnel and selecting carefully from an array of manufacturers, Idesco again moved forward into new territory.  CCTV, access control, intercom, and related systems now provide the bulk of Idesco's revenue.

With the security industry evolving toward open architecture systems, standards based equipment, and IP solutions, Idesco is again at the forefront.  While other companies hesitate, Idesco has successfully added solutions for these new challenges to its repertoire with industry leading installations of IP camera systems and true network appliance access control systems.

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