Growing to New Heights

by: Ralph C. Jensen - Published in Security Products Magazine - April 2015
New York integrator secures the tallest campus residential hall in the world and takes security to new heights. Business is booming in higher education, and campuses all around the country are stepping up to the challenge to enhance security. a great example of campus security done right is Pace University. 

State-Of-The-Art Centralized Security Platform Redefines Campus Safety

by: Monique Merhige, Infusion Direct

NYC-based School of Visual Arts partners with an integrator and manufacturer to bolster the protection of students, faculty, staff and campus physical assets.

Picking up the Pace

by: Ralph C. Jensen - Published in Security Products Magazine - September 2014

Idesco Corp. started in the security business in the early 1940s. They began with ID badging for the Department of the Army. Well, times have changed, a lot, in the past seven or eight decades but one constant is that Idesco is still involved in security. In fact, company president Andrew Schonzeit says Idesco’s biggest asset, as an integrator, is that they "stay one step ahead." They have to because the company is involved in some of the highest profile installations in New York City, including Pace University, City University of New York and New York University.

University gets IP Education

by: Scott Goldfine

When stepping up to large commercial/industrial projects it becomes much more than just being a security provider — it is about being a complete partner. While that may seem a bit cliche', it really is true, never more so than today when systems are evermore complex and necessitate working more closely with clients’ security, IT and facility personnel. Idesco’s recent IP video installation at Adelphi University in Long Island, N.Y., vividly illustrates this dynamic.

Jewish school converts to IP

by: Scott Goldfine

Largely looked upon as safe havens just a few short years ago, school campuses have tragically and distressingly become the scene of multiple incidents involving violence and bloodshed. Whether it’s a personal vendetta or act of terrorism, these heretofore hallowed institutions must now contend with this grim reality. These looming threats are additionally magnified at Jewish facilities, where hate crimes are also a major concern.

Idesco Carves a Path to the Future

by: Security Dealer

Those who are under the impression that the education market isn’t savvy to the latest security strategies definitely need to go back to school. The education vertical today is all about providing the best solution- one with the flexibility to grow to address future needs. Whether leveraged on an existing infrastructure or crafted with a new IT solution, educators know how important it is to provide their students with safety and security that works. And, more often than not, Internet protocol (IP) cameras are part of the plan.

Idesco Corp. is leading the way in safety and security for New York

by: New York real estate journal
New York, Idesco Corp, a leading security system integrator for over 65 years, gains recognition for providing integrated security solutions to the most prestigious organizations on Long Island and New York City. The company will be featured on the cover of one of the top security publications in the industry. “Security Dealer & Integrator” will be running a story in the October (ISC East Edition) issue on how Idesco was instrumental in installing IP Video Technology at the Amityville Middle and High Schools on Long Island.