NYS Contract

Idesco Corporation is on New York State contract through the Office of General Services.

Contract: Intelligent Facility and Security Systems and Solutions
Group: 77201
Award: 23150
Contract#: PT68810
Contractor: Idesco Corp.


Lot 1: Magicard, Nisca (Kanematsu), Brady People ID, Stopware, Pe2M, Fargo, HID Corporation, Zebra Technologies, Entrust Datacard, Matica, Evolis, IDP Americas, SwiftColor, Asure ID

Regions:  Statewide, Regions 1, 2, and 3.

Download our NYS Price list here: https://online.ogs.ny.gov/purchase/prices/7720123150PL_Idesco.xlsx

To request a quote with NYS pricing, please email sales@idesco.com or call us at 212-889-2530.

NYS Contract