BadgeMaker Software

Software for card design, data management and production

Corporate security has become a necessity and makes employee identification crucial. Today companies increasingly issue ID cards using personalized plastic cards to identify their employees and visitors, prevent security breaches and bring a sense of corporate identity.

BadgeMaker offers companies a complete and efficient application for design, data management and production of professional employee ID Cards.

Create professional card designs, with backgrounds, dynamic fields, shapes, images and placeholders using the intuitive card designer in BadgeMaker.
Import and manage your card holders data, link your card layout to the card holders data and print effortlessly with a single command.


Choose what you use

Make sure your ID card production is efficient and fits all your needs using BadgeMaker software. When you do need extra functionalities, BadgeMaker grows with your organisation offering advanced Add-Ons.

With the Connect add-on you add the possibility to connect to multiple databases that are ODBC compliant and makes it possible to combine data sources in Badgemaker. A data binding tool will allow you to match table fields from the data source to the data destiny table.

The Encode add-on adds the possibility to use the data from a BadgeMaker Identity project and encode it to your card. We keep all types of encoding and the data that needs to be added (MAG-stripe, Smart chip, Contactless) in mind when creating an encoded card, this starts with the design of the cards in BadgeMaker Design.

The Share add-on makes it possible to share BadgeMaker Identity projects on multiple systems. User will be able to work simultaneously and at different locations on one project. Users will authenticate with a username and password to make working with the share plugin secure.

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