Fargo PolyGuard Laminate -Half Patch - 250 Prints

Fargo PolyGuard Laminate -Half Patch - 250 Prints

Vendor: fargo Item#: 82607
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Genuine Fargo lamination 82607. Laminating yourorganizations ID cards provides them with an extra layer of security and givingthem more durability while keeping them more secure. Features a half patch for use on ID cards with a magnetic stripe

A Fargo printer with lamination capability is required inorder to laminate your ID cards.

Thickness: 0.6 mil

Prints 250 cards per ribbon

Fargo lamination modules use a cartridge system to loadlamination materials. A single sided lamination module utilizes only cartridge1, while a dual sided lamination module utilizes cartridges 1 and 2.

Cartridge: 2

Compatible with the following Fargo lamination printers:Fargo HDP5000 and the DTC4500 lamination modules only.