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Fargo PolyGuard Laminate - 250 Prints

Fargo PolyGuard Laminate - 250 Prints

Vendor: fargo Item#: 81789

The Fargo 81789 - 1 mil PolyGuard laminate ensures your cards look as good as the first day you printed them. The over laminate will help protect your ID cards from wear and tear and fading. Giving your cards a professional look. The Fargo 81789 laminate can be used with the following Fargo ID card printers DTC500, DTC550-LC, HDP600-LC, HDP820-LC, HDP825-LC, Pro-L, Pro-LX,Cheetah II, and Persona II.

  • Manufacturer and item Fargo #81789
  • 1 mil PolyGuard laminate provides protection from wear and keeps the imprint crisp and clear.
  • 250 prints
  • Fargo 81789 laminate film is for use with the following Fargo ID card printers:
    • DTC500
    • DTC550-LC
    • HDP600-LC
    • HDP820-LC
    • HDP825-LC
    • Pro-L
    • Pro-LX
    • Cheetah II
    • Persona II