Boosting Response Time

by: Monique Merhige, Infusion Direct

The Regional Emergency Medical Services Council of New York City (NYC REMSCO) is a not-for-profit corporation whose main function is to enhance emergency medical services for the five New York boroughs. Since its inception in 1974, NYC REMSCO has worked closely with all emergency responders throughout New York City to improve response time and safety measures.

How oversized badges can enhance security at your building

by: Andrew Schonzeit, President of Idesco Corp.

Over the last decade, issuing secure ID cards has become critical for property managers and building owners. Not only do photo ID badges help identify who should be on your property and who should not but they are also instrumental in controlling access to your premises and keeping everyone safe.

How to choose the right ID cards to secure your building: A list of differentiating factors

by: Andrew Schonzeit, President of Idesco Corp.

ID cards are now well established as the first layer of security to keep your employees, tenants and visitors safe and secure. Widely used for identification, access control, and time and attendance purposes, ID cards help identify at a glance who should be on your property, and more importantly who should not.

Idesco helps N.Y.C. building owners keep an eye on their facility at all times with video monitoring

by: Jeff Wallace, NYREJ

Idesco Corp., a leading New York-based security systems integrator has partnered with Viakoo, an award-winning video surveillance network management company, to offer its customers reliable video monitoring that eliminates missing video and reduces video downtime.

Idesco and S2 Security: Laying the foundation for safer buildings around New York City

by: Monique Merhige, Infusion Direct

In today’s fast paced world, building managers and property owners face multiple challenges when it comes to keeping their tenants and assets safe and secure. Many manage multiple buildings – sometimes in different states – and must keep an eye on their facilities at all times.

Idesco Weighs In On The Security Of Web-based Services

by: Deborah O'Mara,

Dealers and integrators still have questions about cloud-based services, so we asked Service Manager Michael Troiani of Idesco Corp. in New York City for his input.
: What is your opinion of the security of cloud-based services?

Turning Access Into Recurring Revenue

by: Al Colombo- Published in Security Sales & Integration - January 2015

Access Control ranks among the top three revenue achievers in the security market today. And now that a significant portion of the industry is finally embracing managed and hosted access control, new sources of recurring revenue have emerged for security integrators and alarm dealers. This access business model, however, is not new to the security industry.

Case Studies

  • Case studies

    Growing to New Heights

    Business is Booming in higher education, and campuses all around the country are stepping up to the challenge to enhance security. a great example of campus security done right is pace university. a private university, pace has campuses in new york city and westchester county, enrolling almost 13,000 students in Bachelors, masters and doctoral programs.

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    Picking up the Pace

    Idesco Corp. started in the security business in the early 1940s. They began with ID badging for the Department of the Army. Well, times have changed, a lot, in the past seven or eight decades but one constant is that Idesco is still involved in security. In fact, company president Andrew Schonzeit says Idesco's biggest asset, as an integrator, is that they "stay one step ahead."

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    State-Of-The-Art Centralized Security Platform Redefines Campus Safety

    NYC-based School of Visual Arts partners with an integrator and manufacturer to bolster the protection of students, faculty, staff and campus physical assets.