The Fargo HDP5000 is a top of the line piece of technology that produces some of the most impressive ID Cards on the market. Easily upgradable, the single-sided printer is the perfect entry point for what can ultimately become the "Superman" of ID Card Printers.

  • In being upgradable to have dual sided and lamination capabilities, the HDP5000 is a superb starting point for businesses that foresee a potential increase in their ID Card Printing needs.
  • The HDP5000's input and output hoppers facilitate an easy and "no hands" approach to ID card production.
  • With a lifetime warranty on the print head and a two-year warranty on the whole printer, the HDP5000 provides a guarantee for its already stellar equipment.
  • The HDP5000's Ethernet port and internal print server allows it to integrate seamlessly into corporate IT infrastructures.