Idesco has partnered with Brivo to provide cloud-based security solutions to all.

Brivo's Access Control Systems are built on flexible, open technology to provide real-time monitoring, management, and control of your access control system—all from a browser, with no additional software to install.

Brivo brings you robust, real-time access control—whether you manage a single door or multiple geographically dispersed facilities. Our secure Web-hosted infrastructure and centralized online administration reduce your IT costs and allow you to easily manage all of your access points in a single location.

And because we understand that your access control needs may change over time, our systems are built to grow with your business. What's more, Brivo Online Access Control Systems technology can be adapted to your enterprise's existing digital systems. You get integration and remote management of all on-premise digital systems through a single interface.

Brivo products:

Brivo OnAir

Brivo OnAir (formerly ACS WebService) is a Web-hosted access control solution that provides reliable, real-time access control of your facilities. A Software-as-a-Service (SAAS) solution, it eliminates the need for dedicated servers, software installation, system administration, and IT hassles. And you can administer the entire system from virtually any Web browser.

OVR WebService®

OVR WebService makes a significant extension to Brivo OnAir, providing centralized video storage alongside hosted access control. View live or event-related video, at a fraction of the cost of traditional hardware DVRs. OVR WebService is available to all Brivo OnAir customers. All that’s needed is the camera!

ACS OnSite®

ACS Onsite is a simple, affordable, and scalable access control solution that lets you maintain your data on site and access it from any Web browser. Utilizing the scalable ACS5000 control panel, ACS Onsite lets you store security data onsite at your facility—even if it houses multiple businesses.

ACS OnSite Aparato®

ACS OnSite Aparato is ideal for businesses that need robust, full-featured access control with security data stored within their own networks. Our rack-mounted appliance system lets you connect and control multiple ACS panels and readers through virtually any Web browser, and monitor them through a single Web-based interface.

Aparato’s scalable licensing model allows users to start with a small system, increase capacity as needs grow, and add capabilities in an à la carte manner.