OnSite Aparato is a full-featured appliance-based access control platform with unmatched built-in security features. With a capacity of up to 1,000 readers and half a million active card holders, Aparato’s scalable licensing model gives users the ability to choose the system that best fits their needs, increase capacity as needs grow, and add capabilities in an à la carte manner.

Aparato Account Administration

  • Web browser interface for all administration
  • Multiple logins for security and partitioned access
  • Audit trail of administrative actions
  • Unlimited threat levels definable to control group permissions, administrative roles, schedules, devices, and two-factor credentials
  • Immediate notification of alarms via email or text messaging
  • Bulk device management via device profiles

System Highlights

  • Browser-based embedded security management platform
  • Flexible licensing model
  • Live database and back-ups are encrypted via AES 256 encryption
  • Authentication to panels using X.509 Certificates
  • Hardware-backed software integrity verification—Trusted Platform Module (TPM)—compliant with ISO Standard 11889
  • HSPD-12/FIPS 201 compliant when used with Codebench’s PIVCheck Plus and Certificate Manager products
  • FIPS 140-2 validated encryption with ACS5000-A panels

Feature Highlights

  • Graphic maps with real-time status updates
  • Video integration
  • Fully integrated badging application with dual-sided badge printing
  • Antipassback
  • Mustering
  • Swipe & show—view user photos associated with access events
  • Customizable reports
  • User aliases—easily copy user records from one account to another

IP Connectivity and Interfaces

  • TCP/IP—works on any network
  • 128-bit SSL encryption—your information is secure
  • DHCP or Static IP—little or no IT resources needed
  • DNS Support—Internet connectivity using Domain Name System address
  • DataSync Application Programming Interface (API) available
  • ODBC compliant