Axis video encoders digitize the video signals from your analog CCTV system and distribute them directly over an IP-based network, turning analog cameras into network cameras. Users can view live images from a video management software application or a web browser anywhere, at any time. Connect an Axis video decoder to your system to display live video on digital or analog public view monitors.

Common features

  • Analog video sources converted to high-quality digital video
  • Deinterlace filter corrects motion blur caused by the analog video signal
  • Support for ONVIF
  • Standard video compression formats including H.264, MPEG-4 and Motion JPEG
  • Direct connection to IP networks
  • Independent system with embedded web server - no need for additional hardware or software to capture and transfer images
  • Powerful event and alarm management capabilities, including alarm input/output through external devices
  • Remote configuration and status with Axis management tools or standard web browser
  • Comprehensive set of security and technology features such as multi-level passwords, IP address filtering, HTTPS encryption
  • Powerful API (VAPIX®) for software integration
  • IPv6 and Quality of Service (QoS)


  • Remote access to live and recorded video anywhere at any time, from any authorized computer
  • Digital quality images for perfect viewing
  • Scalable and future-proof
  • Lower total cost of ownership by leveraging existing network infrastructure and legacy equipment
  • Convenient digital video storage
  • Increased functionalities compared with CCTV system
  • Remote and secure accessibility for efficient, centralized management and reduced maintenance costs
  • Ease of integration: easy addition of functionality, system expansion and integration with other systems, such as access control or point of sales
  • Backed by the industry’s largest base of video management software with Axis Application Development Partners