Idesco partnered with Viakoo to help you reduce video downtime and eliminate missing video. We will monitor your video system for you with Viakoo, the first solution to effectively address missing video and video downtime.

Reliable and secure

Bring reliability to your existing IP video network without adding headcount.

Easy to use, effective, and affordable, Viakoo enables executive oversight by delivering Key Performance Indicators about your video network, tracking your compliance with video retention goals, and by providing a simplified, automated operational workflow to reduce the cost of a tedious, manual process.

Patent-pending technology detects missing video, identifies corrective action plans, and prevents video downtime.


Detection and correction

Viakoo alerts you to problems that you would be unaware of otherwise. Viakoo continuously examines your entire video network, from cameras at the edges, through complex computing software and networking infrastructure, to the recording hard disks at the core every 20 minutes.

Viakoo figures out that something is wrong and alerts you instantly, to your phone and desktop. Viakoo tells you the Probable Cause of the problem, and identifies the Problem Device to fix.

Viakoo automatically detects missing video caused by a variety of conditions, including:

  • Obvious things, that make a lot of noise when they fail, like hardware
  • Intermittent problems, that may or may not make noise
  • Silent failures that make no noise at all

Viakoo helps your staff with their workload with a built-in automatic ticket generation system. Viakoo follows a simplified operational workflow, to make it easy to keep track of activities throughout your video network, even if its scattered around town or around the globe.

Prevention and performance

Every 20 minutes, even at your small sites, Viakoo patent-pending automation collects thousands of diagnostic inputs. Viakoo then correlates all that diagnostic data and performs predictive analytics.

Predictive analyses identify problems before they start.

Viakoo provides you with relevant KPIs that give you visibility and insight into the behavior of your IP video network.

Viakoo provides you a real-time Dashboard on your phone or desktop, at your fingertips 24/7.

Viakoo developed patent-pending technology to properly measure the performance of your existing IP video network. Examples of these KPI measures include:

  • Video Path Uptime
  • Video Stream Delivery Index
  • Video Retention Compliance
  • Average Ticket Response Time
  • Mean Failure Recovery Time

Viakoo also gives you data visualization views with Trending and Graphs.

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