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Ubandô - The Convenient Wearable Access Solution

UBandô is a wearable access solution that combines all the benefits of a MIFARE or Proximity card with the convenience and flexibility of a silicone wristband. Unlike cards, which need to be carried in a pocket or on an attachment, UBandô remains attached to the user naturally, increasing the likelihood of use while reducing the risk of loss or theft.

UBandô wristbands are available in three wrist circumference sizes: 6Ē, 7Ē, and 8Ē.  UBandô with MIFARE technology is available in 20 different colors while UBandô with Proximity technology comes in black or blue. Custom colors are available upon request.

Why choose UBandTM

  • Wearability: UBandô is so comfortable that you will forget that you are actually wearing it! UBandô is made of silicone rubber so you can take it on and off, again and again.
  • Durability: UBandô is waterproof, sweatproof and can stand up to the rigors and wear and tear of daily use.
  • Customizability: UBandô with MIFARE technology is available in 20 colors and can be customized to feature a logo or graphics. UBandô with proximity technology comes standard in black or blue but custom colors are available with a longer lead time and higher minimum order quantity.
  • Flexibility: UBandís flexibility is two-fold: material and usage. UBandís silicone rubber construction allows the band to stretch round the hand for easy, comfortable removal.
  • Security: UBandô can be used to replace an existing smart card program and supplement ďone cardĒ programs. UBandô simplifies your access control system, decreases expenses from lost or damaged cards and increases brand recognition.

UBandTM Proximity

UBandô is an innovative contactless solution that is perfect for colleges and universities, fitness centers, office buildings, hospitals or recreation centers. UBandô performs all the functions of a card while sitting conveniently on the wrist.

Choose from 2 colors: black or blue

Minimum order quantity: 100. Can order 25 pieces of various sizes to meet the minimum order quantity.

Additional colors and customization with a logo, graphic or text are available upon request. MOQ for custom orders is 1,000 pieces, with a lead time of five weeks.


UBandô combines all the functions of MIFARE technology with a silicone wristband. MIFARE technology allows UBandô to be customized to whatever uses you need including access, payments and more. Include the features that you want and leave out those you donít.

Choose from 20 colors or request a specific PMS color.

Customization is available in the form of embossing, debossing and screen printing.