Symmetry Software Packages

One of five different types of software packages can be used:

  • Symmetry Professional
  • Symmetry Enterprise
  • Symmetry Global
  • Symmetry Business
  • Symmetry Homeland (USA & Canada only)

The choice of software package depends on the size of the system, with Symmetry Professional supporting the smallest systems, and Symmetry Global supporting the largest systems.

All software versions communicate over the LAN, WAN or Internet with a single server machine that holds the system databases. Since the system has been designed to use minimal bandwidth, your existing network can be used, resulting in little or no additional networking costs. For small systems, a single PC can be used, acting as both the client and server.

All systems are certified on Microsoft® Windows® operating systems and provide a graphical user interface that minimizes training needs for users. The system employs the very latest thinking in user-interface design. Features such as customizable ribbon bars, wizards, icons, tree views and drag and drop techniques make the user interface intuitive and simple to use.

Extensive online help gives instant information about the task that is being carried out.

At the heart of all Symmetry software packages is the powerful Microsoft SQL Server database engine which provides high levels of performance for systems of any size. The Symmetry Professional software uses the Desktop Engine version of the software which is freely available and supplied on the installation CD. The database engine has the advantage of being highly scalable, enabling you to expand the system to any size as your requirements grow.

Symmetry Security Management Software

Each user runs Symmetry Security Management software, the application that allows you to configure, monitor and control the security management system. The software lets you set up card holders, assign access rights, produce reports, monitor alarm conditions and control hardware such as cameras and readers.

The Symmetry Security Management software includes an extensive range of standard features.

The ability to customize the system to show only those features that your users require ensures that operator training is kept to a minimum and allows users who have different requirements to be presented with different features. The ability to customize the system in many other ways underlines the inherent flexibility of its design and ensures that the system performs to your exact requirements without compromising ease of use.

The Symmetry Security Management software has been designed to provide the most efficient system management with extensive and flexible reporting capabilities. The wide range of standard features ensures that you can obtain the full benefits from your investment.