SmarterBeam is a motion detector designed for outdoor use, to aid intrusion detection where it should start – at the perimeter. Three distinct models offer reliable passive infrared technology, and each is configured to deliver sensing capabilities for a unique coverage area.


SmarterBeam detects intrusions using passive infrared (PIR) technology and telescope-like precision mirror glass optics. SmarterBeam detectors react to the slightest infrared radiation (temperature) change between a moving object and a stationary background. When an intruder moves into the field of view (detection zone), the variation is sensed and an alarm is triggered.

SmarterBeam detectors are engineered to provide unparalleled reliability and accuracy in the harshest environments. The detectors are single-ended, non-emitting devices – easy to install and undiscoverable by electronic means.


  • Double optical filtering restricts infrared radiation to 8-14 micrometer band, the atmospheric window where snow, rain, humidity, and fog least affect the transmission of infrared radiation
  • Digital signal processing, adaptive threshold decoding (ATD), and signal shape analysis reduce the nuisance/alarm ratio to the lowest levels found in the industry
  • Automatic temperature compensation ensures consistent sensitivity across the entire operating temperature range
  • Advanced anti-vandal protection – SmarterBeam sends a tamper alarm when the detector’s cover is opened or the alignment is altered
  • Heavy-duty front window and a heater enabling operation at -40°F

Integration Options:

SmarterBeam can be configured to:

  • Conditionally trigger CCTV, Pan/Tilt/ Zoom, and dome cameras to focus on intrusion area
  • Notify central monitoring stations an intrusion is occurring and further attention is needed
  • Turn on lights or play pre-recorded verbal messages


SmarterBeam is available in three models featuring distinct coverage patterns.

  • CLR500: Three-zone, continuous, “narrow-curtain” detection area with a range of 500’ (150 m)
  • CLR500+: Three-zone, continuous, “narrow-curtain” detection area with a range of 500’ (150 m), a unique alarm for each zone, and a steep tilt to minimize blind area directly below detector
  • VWA100: 100’-wide (30 m), “fan-out” detection area with a range of 90’ (27m)


  • Detects intruders crawling, walking, or running at speeds from .7 to 16 ft/s
  • Gap-free curtain coverage
  • 13-foot mounting height minimizes risk of vandalism
  • Anti-tamper protection sends alarm if detector alignment is altered
  • Supports flexible power supply - DC or AC
  • Remote access simplifies configuration and alarm management
  • Set-up and alignment are easy compared to other systems
  • Reliability from precision engineering reduces units needed for covered area
  • Low power consumption allows for solar applications