Retransfer Film

Magicard Retransfer Film is required when printing with any of the Magicard retransfer printers. With re transfer film the image is printed on there transfer film which is then put on the ID Card allowing for real edge to edge printing and printing on some type of cards which can not be printed on when using direct to card. The Magicard Retransfer Film printer on average 1250 ID Card per film, a lot more then the average full color ribbon.

Select by printer

Magicard Color Dye & Retransfer Ribbon Set
Brand: magicard
Item# SET-HE4000
Magicard Full Color Ribbon PRIMA111/R
Brand: magicard
Item# PRIMA111/R
Magicard Full Color Ribbon PRIMA112/R
Brand: magicard
Item# PRIMA112/R
Magicard Full Color Ribbon PRIMA152/R
Brand: magicard
Item# PRIMA152/R
Magicard Magicard Prima PRIMA-007
Brand: magicard
Item# PRIMA-007
Magicard Prima Re-Transfer Film PRIMA/007
Brand: magicard
Item# PRIMA/007
Magicard Prima Re-Transfer Film PRIMA153/R
Brand: magicard
Item# PRIMA153/R
Magicard Retransfer Film
Brand: magicard
Item# HE1000RT
Secure Color Dye Ribbon & Retransfer Ribbon Set
Brand: magicard
Item# SET-HE3000S