CR80.10 (10 Mil) Mylar Adhesive Back PVC Cards - Qty. 500

CR80.10 (10 Mil) Mylar Adhesive Back PVC Cards - Qty. 500

Vendor: fargo
Item#: 82267


Part number 82267 PVC cards correlates with these part numbers:
  • Fargo - 82267
  • Zebra - 104523-0103

These cards are CR80 size. These cards come in packages of 500 in a box, wrapped in 100 card bundles (5 to a box). The careful attention to these cards ensures you will receive stunning print results.

The cards are made from PVC material and feature a glossy front and an adhesive mylar back. The mylar backing gives them the ability to absorb heat and to feed easier. They have a very smooth surface and are optically inspected to ensure a clean scratch free card. With such a premium card surface you will get stunning cards and an extended printhead life.

The cards require special handling to preserve their surface areas before printing. These cards arrive to you scratch free and virtually debris free. When handling you want to make sure the oil from your hands or other materials do not come in contact with the cards. Special storage is required. The cards come in packages of 100 (5 to a box) to make it easier to preserve the cards