Evolis Edikio Guest Solution

Evolis Edikio Guest Solution

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Configuration Edikio Guest Access
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Edikio Guest solutions have everything you need to simply and effectively create your own presentation tags or any other type of card.

Edikio Guest Software

  • User-friendly: easily create all your customized tags and cards using the intuitive interface and built-in creation wizard.
  • Broad content: the software includes a library of over 150 templates for tags and cards and 350 icons for all of your design needs.

Card Printers

  • Easy to use: Edikio printers are as easy to operate as standard office printers, reducing staff training needs.
  • Fast, high-quality printing: depending on your printer model, it takes just 10 to 15 seconds to print a monochrome tag or card.

Cards, Ribbons and Tag Holders

  • Proven quality: Edikio Guest consumables guarantee a professional result, producing tags and cards that meet your high standards.
  • A comprehensive range: cards in different colors and formats, monochrome and color printing ribbons - including silver and gold, and various tag holders.

Optimize Your Labeling

Break new ground by printing your buffet tags on plastic cards. Display all necessary information to your customers on customized presentation tags which will enhance the look of your buffet.

Maximum Flexibility

  • Be totally independent by quickly and easily creating your presentation tags at your own location.
  • Be highly responsive: in just a few minutes, you can personalize and print tags to highlight any new products in your buffet, and adapt information to suit your customers.

A Stronger Brand Image

  • Create eye-catching and professional-looking tags to enhance the appearance of your buffets. Tags printed in white, silver or gold on a black card for an elegant and harmonious result.
  • Personalize your tags by adding your own logo and choice of graphics. This will enable you to promote your brand image and reinforce your company's visual identity.
  • Showcase your buffet offer and set yourself apart: highlight new or local products, dishes prepared on site, and any other information you wish to include.

Clear and Comprehensive Information

  • Enhance your service quality for international customers by displaying information in several languages on your tags.
  • Meet your customers' expectations and comply with regulatory requirements by displaying full information regarding the ingredients and origin of products on your tags.
  • Help customers make a fast and informed choice by including all information on a single card. This will allow for a smoother flow at buffet counters and enhance your customers' experience.

The Ideal Medium

  • The plastic card comes in various formats for ease of readability. The different folding options increase your buffet layout possibilities by ensuring that labels are always adapted to the size of your products.
  • Because it is hygienic, sturdy and easy to clean, this plastic card is durable and particularly suited to use in the food industry.


Choose Your Own Solution

Edikio Guest Access
for your monochrome tags and cards

Edikio Guest software

  • Start Edition

Edikio Access printer

  • Single-sided, 1.35 mm margin
  • Monochrome printing
  • Credit card-sized format (85.6 x 54 mm / 3.37” x 2.13”)

Consumables include:

  • White ribbon, up to 500 print capacity
  • 100 black PVC cards, in credit card-sized format

Edikio Guest Flex
for all your tags and cards in various formats

Edikio Guest software

  • Plus Edition

Edikio Flex printer

  • Single-sided, edge-to-edge
  • Monochrome and color printing
  • Credit card-sized (85.6 x 54 mm / 3.37” x 2.13”) and long formats (120 x 50 mm / 4.72” x 1.97” and 150 x 50 mm / 5.90” x 1.97”)

Consumables include:

  • White ribbon, up to 1,000 print capacity*
  • 100 black PVC cards, in credit card-sized format
  • 100 black PVC cards, in long format: 150 x 50 mm / 5.90” x 1.97”