CardExchange Software

CardExchange from ExchangeIT makes it easy to create, encode, and issue professional ID cards. Choose from a wide array of preloaded templates and customize your cards by simply dragging the fields that you need to your cards.

CardExchange® Visitor comes in four editions. Use CardExchange® Visitor to take maximum control of who is allowed to enter your building and minimize security risks. Monitor visitor data, create check-in policies, and increase security. Within a few steps you can register, authorize, manage, track your visitors, and more.

CardExchange® Producer is available in five different editions that take you from an entry level solution to our Enterprise edition that gives you unparalleled features.

Choose the perfect edition to fit your needs.

CardExchange Producer GO Edition
Brand: ExchangeIT
Item# CP1020
CardExchange Producer Premium Edition
Brand: ExchangeIT
Item# CP1030
CardExchange Producer Professional Edition
Brand: ExchangeIT
Item# CP1040
CardExchange Producer Business Edition
Brand: ExchangeIT
Item# CP1060
CardExchange Producer Business Master Edition
Brand: ExchangeIT
Item# CP1060N
CardExchange Producer Enterprise Edition
Brand: ExchangeIT
Item# CP1070
CardExchange Visitor Enter Edition
Brand: ExchangeIT
Item# VM2020
CardExchange Visitor Standard Edition
Brand: ExchangeIT
Item# VM2030
CardExchange Visitor Business Edition
Brand: ExchangeIT
Item# VM2050

CardExchange® Producer

  • GO Edition
    CardExchange® Producer GO Edition is an easy-to-use software for entry-level applications and available in a stand-alone license.
  • Premium Edition
    Every card you create can connect to its own database giving you the ultimate flexibility.
  • Business Edition
    CardExchange® Business Edition has all the features of our standard Producer Professional and includes MIFARE® Classic encoding and biometeric. It is also the first edition with the ability to run on a network with concurrent users.
  • Enterprise Edition
    Enterprise is your choice if you are doing any special encoding of your cards. We support the latest technology in contactless encoding, including MIFARE DESFire EV1 and SAM AV2. We even have an easy to use step-by-step wizard to help you setup the encoding of your cards.

CardExchange® Visitor

  • Enter Edition
    Enter the world of easy visitor management with the Enter Edition. With the ability to have unlimited visitor records, pre-registration of visitors, and on-demand evacuation reports, the Enter Edition delivers a great solution for managing visitors.
  • Standard Edition
    Combining the features of the Enter Edition, the Standard Edition enables you to capture more visitor data, more controls on entry protocols, and more. Rich in many more features, the Standard Edition will not disappoint!
  • Business Edition
    Expand and enhance your Visitor Management processes with the Business Edition. Streamline visitor flow and provide a VIP experience by adding the fast and secure self-service KIOSK Client.