OVR WebService significantly extends Brivo OnAir, providing centralized video storage alongside hosted access control. View live or event-related video at a fraction of the cost of traditional hardware DVRs. OVR WebService is available to all Brivo OnAir customers. All that’s needed is the camera!

OVR WebService supports up to six cameras per broadband connection, and an unlimited number within your Brivo OnAir account. Since Brivo OnAir supports multiple locations simultaneously, you can now view all of your cameras from a single centrally managed account! The fully integrated video is viewed from within Brivo OnAir, and video is linked directly to access events, eliminating the need to search for specific video events.

System Highlights

  • Access video for all of your locations in one centrally managed account
  • Fully accessible from your Web browser
  • Fully secure—— little or no IT support needed
  • Only cameras are needed——no other on-premise equipment is necessary
  • A fully integrated video solution for access control
  • Online video storage means no wasted expense——don’t pay for storage and resources you don’t need!
  • No network configuration necessary

Feature Highlights

  • Live Monitoring from anywhere
  • Quickly view video clips associated with access events
  • Download video clips to email or save
  • Video stored in secure data center
  • Sets up in minutes
  • 1, 2, 4, or 6 up display via a Web browser
  • Open a door directly from the console display

Service and Support

  • User manual and quick-start guide
  • Context-sensitive online help
  • Custom online training available

OVR WebService is perfect for:

  • Large businesses with multiple locations
  • Small businesses
  • Property managers
  • Education facilities
  • Retail areas with limited staff presence
  • Any business or facility with:
    • Lobbies and other entryways
    • Reception areas that may be unstaffed at times
    • Elevator lobbies and building garage access
    • Loading docks and warehouse entrances