Managed Services

Real-time monitoring and management of your access control system

Managed Services are ideal for small businesses that do not have the resources available to dedicate an individual to the oversight of an access control or video surveillance system.

Idesco’s Managed Services are approximately a quarter of the cost of a traditional access control and video surveillance solution. By outsourcing routine, non-core security management tasks such as adding and deleting users and cards to your system, you allow for your team to focus more on customer-facing operations and your core business.

Our solutions

Idesco’s Managed Services offer real time control of your system from anywhere in the world in real time. An email alert will be sent to you should an alarm condition occur at your facility. Additionally a request to Idesco will result in the immediate change to individual access levels or video clips being copied for evidentiary purposes.

With over 70 years of excellence and expertise, you can rely on Idesco to design and manage your security system.

Our commitment

Our team of certified technicians is available 24/7 to keep your system up and running at all times. We guarantee fast and effective service, as our objective is clear: keeping everyone safe and secure.

Featured Partner



Idesco has partnered with Brivo to provide cloud-based security solutions to all.