IPELA HYBRID™– Sony’s IP and Analog-over-Coax Technology

Sony offers a new video surveillance technology that can simultaneously transmit both IP and analog signals on a single coaxial cable. It allows customers to easily migrate to HD IP video surveillance systems with minimal investment, utilizing their existing analog infrastructure. Based on this technology — IPELA HYBRID — Sony offers solutions comprised of hybrid cameras and a compatible SLOC device.

These unique solutions deliver the following advantages:

  • Cost-effective surveillance systems that can be easily migrated from an analog CCTV system to an IP network-based system, making the most of any existing surveillance infrastructure (e.g. coaxial cables, local power supplies, matrix switchers, controllers, and video wall monitors)
  • Simultaneous transmission of IP HD video and analog SD video (see diagram below)
  • Utilization of the advanced features and functionalities offered by IP network cameras
  • Maximum cable length of 1,000 feet (300 m) with an RG-59 coaxial cable
  • Minimized latency of analog video and PTZ control for video monitoring

Sony’s hybrid camera solutions can be used in a wide variety of surveillance applications, and in locations such as commercial facilities, financial institutions, office buildings, casinos, airports, government-related facilities, and schools.