Powered by the IPELA ENGINE™ signal processing system, Sony's new generation of cameras delivers excellent HD image quality with high sensitivity and wide dynamic range.

W Series

The W Series cameras are the most advanced rapid dome cameras in the security industry, and adopt the top-end signal processing system — IPELA ENGINE™ PRO. This series consists of four models — two indoor normal and two outdoor unitized models — all of which provide advanced features, such as a 130dB dynamic range in FHD with View-DR technology, 60p high frame rate, 30x optical zoom, pan speed of 700o/s, Gyroscopic Image Stabilizer, Defog Image Processing, and Focal Plane Distortion Correction. The SNC-WR630 and SNC-WR600 are 1080p and 720p normal models, while the SNC-WR632 and SNC-WR602 are 1080p and 720p unitized models.

V and E Series

The V Series cameras are the top of the line in the EX series with value-added features, while the E Series cameras are more cost-effective compared to the V Series, and are best suited for entry-to-mid level applications. Both series provide a variety of features, such as View-DR®, picture mode, H.264 CBR/VBR with high/main profiles, Image Stabilizer, easy installation (Easy Zoom, Easy Focus), and DEPA™ Advanced Intelligent Video Analytics. The value-added features for the V Series include a 60p high frame rate and Edge Storage (onboard recording with SD cards). Both series offer a range of models with various form factors including normal, vandal-resistant, IR ruggedized mini dome, and box-type models.

Half-Inch Full HD CMOS Sensor Camera

The SNC-VB635 camera is designed for use in highly demanding conditions such as transportation, safe city, and energy applications. Thanks to the high sensitivity of its 1/1.9-type 1080p Exmor CMOS sensor, this camera can provide high picture quality even in very low-light conditions. Other key features include a 90dB dynamic range with View-DR technology, True Day/Night, and RS-385 external control. This camera can operate in a temperature range from 14°F (-10°C) to 140°F (+60°C).

IR Ruggedized Cameras

Sony's IR ruggedized mini dome cameras are designed for use in harsh outdoor environments, where lighting conditions during the night are poor, and dust/water ingress as well as vandalism may pose challenges. This type of camera features a minimum illumination of 0 1x in B/W mode using built-in IR illuminators, an operating temperature range from -40°F (-40°C) to +122°F (+50°C), and IK10-rated vandal resistant and IP66-rated water-resistant/dust-tight features. There are four models in the product range: The V Series offers the SNC-VM632R 1080p and SNC-VM602 720p models, while the E Series offers the SNC-EM632R 1080p and SNC-EM602 720p models.

C Series

The C Series offers 720/30p compact cameras that adopt an all-in-one design, incorporating a passive IR sensor, white-light LED illuminators, a speaker, and a microphone. Another convenient feature is Edge Storage (onboard recording with micro SD cards). These cameras provide high picture quality with a wide horizontal viewing angle of 120°. There are two models in the C Series: The SNC-CX600W is a wireless network model that offers easy, reliable, and stable network operation, thanks to the WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Set-up) standard, Wi-Fi certification, and the WMM (Wi-Fi Multimedia) standard, while the SNC-CX600* is a PoE (Power over Ethernet) model that requires just one single network cable for data transmission and power supply.

X Series

X Series cameras are 1080/30p mini dome models that are primarily designed for use in vehicles and for outdoor applications, such as retail, banking, and education. Key features include a 90dB dynamic range with View-DR technology, IK08 vandal resistance, IP66 ingress protection, and an Image Stabilizer. There are three models in the X Series: The SNC-XM632 is a perfect choice for bus video surveillance, while the SNC-XM636 and SNC-XM637 are best for train surveillance, providing high picture quality with a wide horizontal viewing angle of approximately 83° (tentative) and 113° (tentative), respectively.