Design and Integration

Get your security solution designed and tailored to your needs
Get the most out of your solution with expert design and integration services.

Integrate your equipment, hardware, and software into a comprehensive solution

An integrated solution will provide you with maximized security features that meet or exceed your requirements. Part of the process includes a survey of your facility, consultation with a security expert about your needs, and recommendations for integrating your security solution.

How it works

Idesco's experienced security team works with you to determine the best solutions for your facility. This could include:

  • Digital ID badging
  • Access control
  • Biometrics
  • Turnstiles
  • Digital video surveillance
  • Visitor management solutions
  • Additional services as needed

Once your security solution is designed and integrated into a comprehensive system, it's installed quickly and efficiently.

What comes next

You get 24/7 service response in case your system should go down. You can rest assured that Idesco has you covered with our expert, certified service team available when you need them.

You need a security solution designed around your specific needs, including industry requirements, government compliance, or a host of other security situations.