FST Biometrics' core software, IMID Access, uses In Motion Identification™ technology. The solution is based on fusion of biometrical results including facial recognition and behavior analytics.

IMID Access with In Motion Identification™ is an open system, with the ability to integrate with many other security and surveillance components and systems for smooth interoperability. This allows the system to work with many pre-existing infrastructures in a variety of physical settings.

Software Module Add-ons

There are several additional modules that can be integrated with IMID Access, depending on the customer's secure access needs.

IMID Visit

The IMID Visit, visitors’ management solution identifies an authorized visitor's "V-Key," a unique encrypted QR code sent by email from the IMID system or from a dedicated mobile application. The visitor shows his or her V-Key to the camera and upon recognition, is connected to the host or granted seamless access to the site.

IMID Attendance

The IMID Attendance module tracks office hours of employees based on first entry and last exit. This can be done on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

IMID Extreme Security Access

This voice recognition module enables the fusion of IMID Access and biometric voice recognition, providing an added layer of security for particularly extreme scenarios.


IMID Exit adds an IMID Access-enabled camera to exit points. This can be used either for IMID Attendance or to monitor people leaving the building.

IMID Anti-fraud

The FST-patented anti-fraud algorithm for IMID Access can be installed at any access point with multiple tiers of fraud detection.


This license plate integration module allows IMID Access to control and manage LPR cameras, which allow access to parking lots for authorized users, and restrict access to unauthorized users.


The card reader integration plug-in allows for the control and use of standard RFID card readers by the IMID Access System.

IMID Door Monitor

IMID Door Monitor brings IMID Access integration to monitored doors. This enables instant notification of activity, and notifies the customer if a door is left open for longer than the configured time.

IMID Remote

IMID Remote allows a central station server to manage and control multiple sites, and provides remote backup and maintenance.