FST Biometrics

FST BIOMETRICS In Motion Identification™ has created a new access control security paradigm – combining security with convenience.

In today's world, where technology and urbanization have opened more doors for people than ever before, access to information, people and places has never been easier.

With this openness, providing secure access has taken on a renewed importance. However, current access control and security systems often result in slowing down, or stopping.

In today's fast-paced world, slowing down for the sake of secure access is unacceptable.

FST Biometrics has developed a solution that is the ultimate fusion of biometrics identification technology to provide seamless, non-invasive and accurate identification for secure access at the speed of life.

IMID Access, the company's core secure access product, provides identity management, access control solutions, advanced visitor management, remote monitoring and more. Utilizing In Motion Identification™ technology - FST's unique combination of facial recognition and behavioral analytics - IMID Access identifies authorized users from a distance, and while they are in-motion.

User experience

IMID Access provides a seamless user experience that is both fast and efficient. Authorized users do not have to slow down, sign in or stop. Rather, they are identified and able to enter seamlessly.

Our biometric identification solution is accurate, reliable and non-intrusive and uses a fusion of technologies including facial recognition and behavioral analytics to identify authorized users. In extreme secure access situations, IMID Access also provide voice recognition for an added layer of verification.

IMID Access means that there is no slowing down or stopping. As FST Biometrics technology works, the user simply walks through. IMID Access provides ultimate security at the speed of life.

FST Biometrics