From large corporations to smaller businesses that have critical information pertaining to their operations, ensuring authorized personnel have unencumbered access is vitally important. IMID Access seamlessly identifies known employees, allowing them to enter without restriction, creating an “Open Campus” atmosphere without compromising on the ultimate security needed to protect the organization's physical and intellectual assets. Visitors are identified through the visitor management system, IMID Visit. Business stops for no one, and with IMID Access, corporations can move securely and seamlessly through their day.


In residential developments, such as those supported by the Housing and Urban Development (HUD) department, residents, caregivers and visitors deserve a secure feeling in their homes. However, providing secure access in residential facilities should not interfere with residents' time and ease of entry. IMID Access provides this convenient, non-invasive identification for residents, while simultaneously denying access to those violating regulations, as well as unwanted guests.


Commercial spaces are often bustling business centers with a great deal of foot-traffic. Using the IMID Access software, authorized users in commercial buildings and centers can enjoy seamless secure entry to restricted areas. IMID Access can be easily integrated with many turnstile technologies, and can identify up to 30 individuals per minute approaching a turnstile. Authorized visitors can enjoy the same non-invasive, seamless experience with the automated visitor management system, IMID Visit Access.

Entertainment Complexes

When hosting a concert or baseball game, entertainment venues must manage major crowds of people entering and exiting the stadium/arena. This poses a unique secure access challenge, due to the large number of people within these sites. In addition, known guests, such as season ticket-holders and other VIPs, should not have to wait in the same lines as those paying for a single game. To ensure these facilities run smoothly, IMID Access allows frequent visitors and other authorized personnel to freely enter and exit the venue, as well as restricted areas as appropriate, utilizing FST's best-in-breed fusion of biometric identification technologies. On the other hand, to prevent access of potential “trouble makers”, the system will warn the operator when someone listed is trying to enter the complex.


Healthcare facilities provide true life-or-death care for patients. Yet, these active facilities, with hundreds or even thousands of patients, doctors, nurses and other staff, need to ensure the safety of patients and employees alike. Also, in an emergency situation, a doctor or nurse does not have time to find and swipe his/her RFID card. Those few seconds can truly be the difference between life and death. IMID Access provides the secure access necessary to ensure the pace of hospital life is not impacted by cumbersome key cards or sign-ins. Authorized users are simply identified, and continue on with their lifesaving work at the pace required by each situation.

Government Facilities

Government facilities have a wide range of security requirements, from authorized entry to buildings with sensitive data to locations housing individuals who are of national significance (military leaders, heads of state, etc.). In addition, other sites, such as restricted areas of airports designated for employees only, demand extreme security that are best solved through a combination of RFID and IMID. IMID Access manages authorized users, and keeps track of who enters and exits through various access points, while preventing unwanted individuals from entering restricted areas.