Spring 2011 Meeting

Spring 2011 Meeting
The meeting was held on 4/5/2011 and it was attended by 16 of our 20 members with 19 total people in attendance:

  • Bristol ID— Keith and Matt
  • Identiphoto— Geoff
  • Identisys— Deb and Joe
  • Idesco— Gabriel S.
  • CI Solutions— Mark
  • XPress— Joe
  • ID Edge— Lori
  • Jolly— Sandeep J
  • Datacard— Dan H
  • Credential Consulting— Rob
  • E Card ID— Les
  • Plasco— Christian
  • Smarttech-Bob
  • Team Nisca— Andrew
  • Card Imaging-Steve
  • P3 — Mike

Meeting Highlights
This year’s meeting dealt with a concurrent meeting by HID which took many principles out of our meeting. The word is that HID will continue this in future years and we may have to adjust our meeting schedule so all can attend ISDA.

With Pamela not present Rich presented the finances (of course he could not uphold the high standards of Pamela but he tried). It looks like this year will be a break even year for ISDA, the first in the last 3.5 years. However some of the revenue is one time revenue (initiation dues) and it seems we will need about 25 members to break even year after year. Right now we have 20 with an additional one inac- tive and another one voted in but not yet final- ized. With a bank balance of $26000 at the end of 2010, our financial situation is solid.

It was announced that our partnership with SIF had been finalized and details will be emailed in the next couple of weeks. Also our Certified Facility Manager Training pro- posal has been given to Rod Wheeler in con- cept format and we await his group’s commit- ment to move forward. It will result in getting the ISDA name and expertise in front of many prospective buyers. This meeting ample time was al- located for roundtable discus- sions. This included 2 hours for all the members where the future of the plastic card was discussed and it was felt while there will be challenges in certain areas it was agreed that for photo ID and many other markets, the card has its place. The dealers met In the afternoon as was agreed to in the Fall 2010 meeting. This included opportu- nities for Sponsors to talk to this group and Datacard and Jolly did indeed do that. Some discussion occurred throughout concerning old items like the Strategic direction of ISDA. The Exec group will address these to preclude the need for precious meet- ing time. This includes how to promote the ISDA brand.