Fastlane Plus is an optical turnstile with fast-acting aluminum barrier arms to physically deter access. Elegant stainless steel enclosures provide a modern appearance and can be customized in a variety of finishes to complement lobby aesthetics.

Fastlane Plus offers:

  • IP communication and control via a Web browser with Fastlane Connect
  • Variable-tension barrier arms that break away in the direction of travel and return to the secure state automatically
  • Superior tailgate detection and alarm accuracy from Fastlane optical technology
  • Discreet pedestals (6.6” wide) used for all lane widths
  • High reliability that maximizes return on investment

Fastlane Plus is available in a 400MA model that provides standard and ADA lane widths with two barrier arms. The 30MA model is a narrow-lane model with a single arm.

Fastlane Plus AS has a longer pedestal and off-center barrier arms that allow the unit to operate in an open mode, whereby the arms are normally retracted and only close if an unauthorized person enters the lane.

Barrier arm optical turnstile comparison

Features and options

Fastlane Plus 30MA Fastlane Plus 400MA Fastlane Plus AS
Barrier motion Dropping Dropping Dropping
Pedestal footprint (W x L, in inches) 6.6 x 38.3 6.6 x 38.3 6.6 x 50.2
Lane width (in inches) 21.7 — 23.6 26.0 — 36.0 23.6 — 37.8
Barrier height (in feet) 2.6 2.6 2.6
Price $$ $$$$ $$$$
IP capability No Yes No
UL 2593 listed No Yes No
Barrier-lock mode No No No
ADA/DDA Yes Yes Yes
Throughput/minute 30 60 60