Synergis is the IP access control system that heightens your organization’s security, introduces you to non-proprietary hardware choices, and lets you go about your day knowing that at a moment’s notice, your team is equipped to respond to any threat.

Synergis benefits

Modern IP Access Control System

Built as IP-ready, Synergis offers a clear path to an IP access control system that leverages both your network and existing access control investments.

Migrate to an open and modern IP access control system with more technology options, great scalability levels and uncomplicated integration with existing security and business systems.

Achieve Great Security Through Unification

When you unify Synergis with video surveillance, intercom, asset management, and intrusion systems, you make clearer and timelier security decisions based on more information when compared to traditional, standalone access control systems. Synergis investigations and reports provide seamless correlation with video and more, ensuring you discern real threats from false alarms.

Choose Your Hardware Based on Your Needs

Unlike proprietary systems that make up the bulk of market offerings, Synergis software allows you to choose the best access control hardware from leading manufacturers. From IP door controllers to wireless and PoE locks, install what makes the most sense for your environment. As the Synergis ecosystem continues to grow, you will benefit from the latest technology as you expand your security infrastructure.

Key features:

  • Threat Level Management - Quickly select the right response to perceived threats and restrict access with pre-built threat levels based on your corporate security policies.
  • End-to-End Encryption - Ensure communications are secured between client apps, server apps, and door controllers with encryption enabled throughout Synergis.
  • Advanced Security Privileges and Partitioning - Define who has access to your physical security system and what they can do with granular privileges and system partitioning. Synergis supports full control of user and operator access.
  • All Your Needs In One Application - Get a full-featured solution with embedded badge design, cardholder and visitor management, advanced reporting and more. Expand with Genetec Security Center unified platform, to consolidate and run all your security activities from one application.
  • Microsoft Active Directory (AD) Integration - Simplify user and cardholder management with automated synchs between your IT directory and Synergis. Automated synchs guarantee access rights to your Synergis security system are up to date.
  • Global Cardholder Management - Deploy independent Synergis systems that synchronize cardholders and credentials automatically between locations. Larger organizations can issue one card across all sites, dramatically reducing expenditures.