SmarterFence is a fiber optic security fence that intelligently detects and warns of intruders while minimizing nuisance alarms. Engineered for reliability and durability, SmarterFence stands up to both nature and intruders.

Fence Sensor


The fence sensor system, which consists of a processor module that transmits a laser beam through a fiber optic sensor cable, makes accurate detection possible. It is sensitive to a wide range of vibration, flexing, compression, and cutting, but filters nuisances and non-localized natural events, such as wind and rain.

Installation and maintenance:

SmarterFence cable is easy to install. Field repair or replacement of a damaged section of cable is straightforward, using a fusion splicer.


The system is intrinsically safe, because light does not radiate signals or succumb to electrical interference. This safety makes it particularly suitable for use in hazardous industrial locations where there is risk of fire or explosion.

Processor Module


The processor is designed for use with SmarterFence’s proprietary fence-mounted cables. Disturbance of the fiber optic sensor cable is detected in the processor and analyzed using a micro-controller with a digital signal processor.


When a disturbance exceeds pre-set conditions, an alarm is generated. Additionally, automatic environmental compensation algorithms ensure the highest probability of detection while minimizing nuisance alarms.


  • Field-proven reliability
  • Secure from tap or tamper
  • Minimizes nuisance alarms
  • Unaffected by lightning or other electromagnetic interference
  • Set-up and alignment are easy compared to other systems
  • Cost-effective linear protection for zones up to 3,000 feet
  • Easy to install and maintenance-free operation
  • Field-based repairs can be made using a fusion splicer
  • Protects a wide range of fence fabrics and gates
  • Can also fasten to walls, other building fabrics, and roofs