Smarter Security, Inc. provides superior and innovative entrance control and outdoor perimeter security solutions to help organizations keep their people and assets safe and secure.

Widely known for its Fastlane® optical turnstiles, which include the world’s leading Speedgates, Smarter Security provides a full line of entry security solutions. Today, Fastlane helps secure thousands of building lobbies, corporate headquarters and government offices across six continents. Customers choose Fastlane turnstiles not just for their small size and stylish design, but also because they offer industry-leading tailgate detection, alarm accuracy, and throughput speed.

Complementing the lobby security efforts, Smarter Security also offers Door Detective™, an anti-tailgating and anti-passback solution for doors. Door Detective is ideal for important areas such as data centers, laboratories, universities, airport restricted areas and executive suites.

Smarter Security also offers SmarterFence™, a fiber optic intrusion detection system. Also available for locations where there is no perimeter fence is SmarterBeam™, a passive infrared motion detector that detects intruders in virtually any environment. Both products are highly reliable and intelligent and are used by commercial and government sites to protect against copper theft, vandalism, terrorism, and other threats.

Product range includes:

  • Entry security solutions: Glassgate, Fastlane
  • Outdoor security: SmarterFence, SmarterBeam