Brivo’s IP-based access control solutions provide retailers with cost-effective, easily managed security solutions that can be deployed on demand across hundreds of locations using Software as a Service applied to physical access control.

Brivo is a perfect fit for retailers looking for cost-effective ways to control access to secure areas or to enable dark delivery. Brivo’s Software as a Service offering gives retailers a way to manage multiple locations from a single account, while working within constraints acceptable to Retail IT Departments. With video fully integrated into the hosted access control solution, retailers have an option for affordable video, easily deployed in one location or thousands.

Benefits for Retail

Retailers’ unique access needs are solved with Brivo’s Web-based access control solutions, with benefits that include:

  • Chain-wide Security and Surveillance: Implement electronic access control across all sites, regardless of location, through a centralized, Web-based platform. Tiered administration makes it easy to enable corporate, regional, and local control.
  • Reduced Internal IT Functions: Get powerful access control without the IT hassles—all IT maintenance and software upgrades are managed professionally by Brivo.
  • View Event-related and Live Video: Video is fully integrated and a variety of storage options are available, from DVR/NVRs to hosted video recording. Pinpoint events like forced doors without searching through hours of video to speed up investigations.
  • Lock-up and Cash Area Control: Provide secure access control to cash offices, inventory rooms, and other restricted area, including balers and compactors.  
  • Dark Delivery Enablement: A full audit trail, along with related video, enables safe and more efficient after-hours delivery.
  • Easy Card Management: Easily revoke credentials quickly, using a Web browser, with a single click—no more hassling with managing keys and re-keying locks.