Brivo Online Access Control Systems increases property marketability and tenant retention while reducing operating costs.

Controlling tenant access and entry points within multiple facilities can be challenging. With Brivo’s cloud-based access control solutions, you can build a secure infrastructure that’s as versatile and varying as your environment. Brivo’s cloud security offers property managers the unprecedented flexibility to deploy high quality security anywhere—rapidly, easily and cost effectively.

Benefits for Property Management

Here are just some of the benefits property managers and tenants will realize with Brivo:

Tenant Satisfaction

Your tenants will enjoy managing users and access points through Brivo’s easy-to-use, scalable and reliable system

Risk Avoidance

Brivo’s cloud solutions are multi-tenant and hosted in highly reliable data centers with built-in redundancy

Prompt & Pro-Active Service

On-demand remote administration allows immediate service Set up customized rules for targeted notifications to meet your needs

Maximized ROI

Brivo’s Software as a Service (SaaS) model allows you to tailor your access control and video system to your changing needs Adding and removing users or locations is simple, and you only pay for what you use

Open Platform

Our solutions are compatible with industry-standard technology so you can combine systems and streamline data
to better manage your business

Long Lasting Partnership

Brivo scales to your changing business needs – We’re ready to deliver the security you need, when you need it