ValCam Camera with Zoom - 9000-628

ValCam Camera with Zoom - 9000-628

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The ValCam with zoom camera usesa high-grade CCD sensor with industry leading optics to give you the best imagepossible. Video Associate Labs (VAL) isthe leader in image capture for ID card solutions. Unlike other cameras that try to get by withlower grade components, VALCam goes the extra mile. With the ValCam 9000-628 you can be sure youare receiving the best image possible for your ID cards.

The ValCam features an improvedwhite balance options that gives your ID images the perfect balance of lightand dark. The flash technology gives youthe best image possible. Whether thephoto needs to be done up close or at a distance this flash can handle it. No matter the lighting conditions, yourphotos will not look overly dim or washed out.And due to the positioning of the flash on this unitt, no more redeye! If you need the use of aprofessional photographer flash adapters are available for use with thiscamera.

Thanks to the TWAIN-compatiblesupport the ValCam Camera with Zoom will work right out of the box with allpopular applications. You canimmediately take control of all aspects of the camera via the mouse orkeyboard. With the live high-qualitypreview you can zoom in and out, adjust brightness, and see how your image isgoing to look before you capture the image.The camera also supports live cropping in the preview mode, thiseliminates an extra step later and saves time in ID card creation. The camera features autofocus so you can zoomin and out and be sure that your image will always be in focus. Along with these features you also getadjustment with flesh tones. Instead ofjust hue and saturation you are also provided color intensity control aswell. Your ID cards will look betterthan ever!

With the ValCam you have theoption of using their SDK (software development kit) so that you can integratethe ValCam with your custom ID card solution.The SDK comes with workign examples in C/C++, .NET, and VisualBasic.

The ValCam Zoom makes photo capturing easy andsimple. The flash is directly controlledand integrated with the camera. Nobatteries or extra cables needed. Onlyone connection to yoru computer with the USB interface. Capture the perfect photo in any condition,even in dark rooms. Ultra fast imagetransfer to your ID software package, images are saved as JPG, BMP, or to thesystem clipboard for pasting in to the application. The camera also features an administrativelock, once you have the camera set like you want, you won't have to worry aboutsomeone tampering with the settings.

  • Integrated USB 1.1 or 2.0interface
  • Powerful high-intensity flash forcapturing the perfect image
  • Auto-focus
  • 18:1 optical zoom
  • 72:1 digital zoom with software
  • Full featured SDK
  • Low noise, sharp images
  • Remote zoom from the mouse orkeyboard
  • Red eye reduction
  • Live high-quality preview
  • Cropping via the camera interface
  • Images captured in near real time(1 second without flash and 2 seconds with flash)
  • TWAIN compatible for easyintegration