ScreenCheck SC2500 Single or Dual Sided ID Card Printer

ScreenCheck SC2500 Single or Dual Sided ID Card Printer

Vendor: ScreenCheck
Item#: CE-3649-0001


If you're looking for a single-feed, compact ID card printer that's as robust as larger models, you need the ScreenCheck SC2500 ID Card Printer. Easily feed in a single card for on-demand printing that offers a sharp, clear image quality. The edge-to-edge printing allows you to create highly professional, personalized ID cards for employees, visitors, customers, and more.

Rewritable technology

Enjoy the budget-friendly rewritable capabilities. Using a special rewrite card, the ScreenCheck SC2500 ID Card Printer can print and erase the same card over and over in either monochrome blue or black. Rewritable technology is perfect for issuing temporary badges or visitor passes, among other solutions.

Compact and portable

The ScreenCheck SC2500 ID Card Printer is compact enough and highly portable so you can take your ID card printer wherever you need. Both lightweight and durable, the SC2500 works well in any situation, on any counter, or on any desktop, making it ideal for transporting to off-site locations.

Standard features

  • Enjoy the standard anti-counterfeiting HoloKote watermark that prints in a grid pattern across the entire card surface. The ScreenCheck SC2500 ID Card Printer comes with 4 standard designs from which to choose.
  • Each SC2500 comes with rewritable technology and edge-to-edge printing capabilities, allowing you to print truly professional ID cards on demand.

Optional features

HoloPatch cards feature a highly reflective gold foil square immediately noticeable and enhances the visibility of the HoloKote watermark. Other card security options include a magnetic stripe encoder and a smart card encoder.


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