Fargo Holographic PolyGuard Laminate - 250 Prints

Fargo Holographic PolyGuard Laminate - 250 Prints

Vendor: Fargo Item#: 82224
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Genuine Fargo holographic lamination 82224. Laminating your organizations ID cards provides them with an extra layer of security and giving them more durability while keeping them more secure.

Holographic laminate is ideal for placing a secure hologram images on your organizations cards to stop with tampering and for anti counterfeiting measures

A Fargo printer with lamination capability is required inorder to laminate your ID cards.

Globe design.

Thickness: 1 mil

Prints 250 cards

Compatible with the following Fargo lamination printers: FargoDTC515-LC & DTC525-LC, DTC550-LC, HDP600-LC, HDP820-LC, HDP825-LC, Pro-L, Pro-LX, Cheetah II, Persona II printer series