Fargo PolyGuard Laminate - 150 Prints

Fargo PolyGuard Laminate - 150 Prints

Vendor: fargo Item#: 81774-001

Genuine Fargo lamination 81774-001.Laminating your organizations ID cards provides them with an extra layer ofsecurity and giving them more durability while keeping them more secure. Thelamination is left off on the left side for a smart chip.

A Fargo printer with lamination capabilityis required in order to laminate your ID cards.

Thickness: 1 mil

Prints 125 cards per ribbon

Compatible with the following Fargolamination printers: Fargo DTC515-LC & DTC525-LC, DTC550-LC, HDP600-LC,HDP820-LC, HDP825-LC, Pro-L, Pro-LX, Cheetah II, Persona II printer series