Evolis Primacy School Photo ID System for Mac

Evolis Primacy School Photo ID System for Mac

Vendor: Evolis
Item#: SchoolSystem3


The Evolis SchoolSystem3 Primacy School Photo ID System for Mac comes with everything you need to print your first 300 cards this school year. To make it easy for you, the SchoolSystem3 comes with:

  • Evolis Primacy single-sided card printer
  • CardPresso XM Software for Mac
  • Credential Camera
  • Full Color Ribbon (300 Prints)
  • 500 White PVC Cards
  • 100 Breakaway Lanyards
  • Card Slot Punch
  • 1 Hour of Training
  • USB Cable
  • CD with printer drivers and user guide
  • 3-year warranty

The Evolis SchoolSystem3 Primacy School Photo ID System is the ideal solution for:

  • Student, staff, and visitor IDs
  • Access control badges
  • Time and attendance
  • Library checkouts
  • Lunch plans
  • Payment cards
  • Event passes
  • Transportation passes

Fast, powerful, and efficient:

Print all your student, staff, and visitor IDs from your Mac computer with the Evolis Primacy Single-Sided Card Printer. This desktop printer gives you the high capacity output in a compact footprint that fits in just about anywhere. You can easily print up to 225 cards per hour for single-sided printing.

Both the card feeder and output tray hold 100 cards each, meaning you spend less time refilling the printer and more time getting your IDs printed and ready to go.

Get professional-looking cards:

The Evolis Primacy Single-Sided Card Printer gives you professional quality IDs thanks to a 300dpi photographic resolution and edge-to-edge printing that results in a high quality card. Featuring enhanced graphical processing, you get a real-to-life depiction of the images in high definition and the monochrome text is more precise than other printers.

Easy to use and maintain:

The card feeder and hopper are directly accessed from the front of the printer, making it easy to see when supplies need to refilled. The Evolis High Trust print ribbons install simply and easily and are automatically recognized by the printer.

Manage your Evolis Premium Suite software to control the printer directly from the screen on your computer. Or if you’d rather, you can use the optional LCD screen on the printer to interact when printing.

Designed with an eye to the future:

The Evolis Primacy School Photo ID System is simple and easy to upgrade by activating the dual-sided printing option on-site. You also have the option to upgrade your printer with magnetic stripe, contact, or contactless chip encoders when your needs change.


General features

Printing performances



Evolis High Trust Ribbon

To maximize the quality and durability of printed cards, the lifespan of the print head and the overall printer reliability, use Evolis High Trust® ribbons.


  • Delivered with Evolis Premium Suite for Windows:
  • Delivered with CardPresso XXS for designing and editing badges:
  • Delivered with a driver for Mac OS X (from 10.6 onwards)
  • Linux OS upon request
  • Evolis Premium SDK for remote supervision of the printer, while facilitating and speeding up integration into IT systems

  • Eco-friendly design, certifications and statement of compliance

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