Fastlane optical turnstiles operate without any barrier to provide a more open and welcoming entry. Security remains intact as every person must present authentication to enter. Violations will sound an alarm and can trigger further security measures to stop an intruder.

Fastlane barrier-free turnstiles offer:

  • Unobstructed access and high pedestrian throughput to reduce lobby traffic buildup
  • Superior tailgate detection and alarm accuracy from Fastlane optical technology
  • A choice of pedestals with very small footprints or of a more typical size
  • High reliability that maximizes return on investment

Clearstyle™ is widely regarded as the world’s most elegant optical turnstile. Architects played a key role in this patented design of glass-like, acrylic side panels and brushed stainless steel ends.

Compact is a minimalist design at only 17.6" long and has stainless steel enclosures that can be customized to complement any building. It also functions well as a counting system to record building occupants.

400 OT is a full-size optical turnstile modeled after Fastlane Plus barrier arm units. It provides optimal non-barrier security by including anti-crawl beams as standard.

Optical turnstile comparison

Features and options

Compact 400 OT Clearstyle 200 Clearstyle 400
Pedestal footprint (W x L, in inches) 6.6 x 17.6 6.6 x 38.3 6.9 x 24.7 2.2 x 30.7
Lane width (in inches) 21.7 – 39.4 23.6 – 37.8 23.6 – 37.8 23.6 – 37.8
Price $ $$ $$ $$
IP capability No No No No
UL 2593 listed No No No No
ADA/DDA Yes Yes Yes Yes
Throughput/minute 60 60 60 60