The XXL PRO printer is designed for the personalization of large format and pre-printed ID cards. An inline encoder for contactless chip encoding is available as option. It also features Magicard’s patented HoloKote watermark security system to secure the cards without incurring any extra consumable costs.

Magicard XXL Pro card printer features:

  • HoloKote® - high security anticopy watermark as standard
  • USB and Ethernet ports
  • LCD display and selection switch for printing area position
  • Contactless Chip cards inline encoding option
  • Compatible with Windows 7, XP and Vista (32 bit)
  • 3 year UltraCoverPlus™ warranty with easy 'drop-in' printhead exchange and free loaner service.
  • Flexibility for large format ID cards
Whitepaper: How to Choose an Oversized ID Card Printer

Whitepaper: How to Choose an Oversized ID Card Printer

From hosting a conference to inviting your clients to a golf outing, companies use events to get their brand front and foremost. Corporate events are a great tool to build unique relationships with your customers while making a lasting impression on them. In addition, have you discovered the benefits of tradeshows? Not only can you test new products at trade shows, but you get access to a large population of your ideal customers which results in a lower cost per sale.

What is the common denominator between all these different types of events? Your attendees, staff and sponsors will all need badges. And as the event planner, you will need an easy way to print these badges on demand. This white paper helps you determine the types of badges you need and the best way to produce them. We will look at customization, efficiency, and convenience when considering an oversized ID card printer for your next event.

Download the full whitepaper now:

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