Door Detective® is a tailgate detection and direction control system that further secures an access-controlled door. With an infrared field across the door opening,

Door Detective detects and alarms tailgaters or unauthorized entries.

Door Detective is the missing link in access control since people can accidentally or intentionally open doors for others. It provides:

  • A mechanism for forcing authorization for every entrant, even while the door is held open
  • Advanced tailgate detection and alarm accuracy that virtually eliminates false alarms
  • A capability of triggering cameras, locking doors, or activating other security procedures upon alarm
  • Assistance with anti-passback enforcement

Door Detective CL has an elegant aluminum mesh enclosure and a status indicator light to visually show if users are authorized or denied access.

Door Detective EL is finished in a black, acrylic surround and provides core Door Detective functionality where aesthetics matter less. It is the only model without a status indicator light.

Door Detective Compact has the smallest profile on the doorway. Stainless steel enclosures have multiple LED lights that offer clear indication to users or guards of authorization status.

Door Detective comparison

Features and options

EL CL Compact
Size (H x W x L, in inches) 27.7 x 3.9 x 2.9 26.3 x 2.8 x 4.0 11.9 x 2.4 x 4.3
Lane width (max, in inches) 98.43 98.46 98.50
Price $ $ $
ADA/DDA Yes Yes Yes
Throughput/minute 60 60 60